Auditorium is a theme for creatives. If you are into videography, this is probably the best theme for you. Its not limited though. You can showcase your photos and galleries equally as you can see in the homepage of this demo. Then, its not limited to that. You can write your blog posts as “Standard Post formats” and all of those posts can appear in the Blog template that comes with the theme.

Auditorium also scales beautifully to all your devices. Yes, its responsive. From your mobile devices to other portable screens, auditorium works so seamlessly smooth, you will love the experience.

In addition to that, Auditorium comes with 3 color palettes.

  1. Light (Default)
  2. Dark
  3. Spring (Ladies, you will love this!)

To make things more beautiful, you can also add your own logo. Auditorium also has over 300 google fonts already integrated in the Theme Options. If that is not enough, you can always change things here and there and customize your theme using the built in custom CSS box. Now, you can make it so that it doesn’t even look like the default theme. 🙂

What are you waiting for? If you like how this demo looks, go grab your own copy of Auditorium and fire away! Showcase your best photos and videos! Let the world know!